If you are looking for truck outriggers we can assist you with some interesting information to help you choose the Hydraulic Outrigger Stabilizers that are right for you. 

The main function of outriggers, also known as ‘stabilizers’, is to keep a truck and crane unit stable while in work mode. This can generally be accomplished with a single set of outriggers. In some cases, adding a second set of outriggers can create a more stable platform for loading and unloading materials. This additional support minimizes shifting and leaning creating much less stress on the equipment and the crane operator.

Another important benefit of auxiliary outrigger stabilizers is the reduced wear and tear on the crane rotation system due to limited side loading. Studies have pointed to the additional repair cost and loss of productivity resulting from operating cranes without adequate outriggers.

Stay tuned, as we will be posting more specific information each week on each of the different styles of hydraulic outriggers and stabilizers that can be used for truck cranes or other industrial purposes.

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